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New EAS Security Tag from SenTech EAS Corporation Reduces Store Associate Handling Time by 50%


For Immediate Release:

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., May 30 /PRNewswire/ -- SenTech EAS Corporation, a leading manufacturer of merchandising and anti-theft electronic article surveillance (EAS) products, announced release of its UltraLanyard(TM) One-Piece Security Tag (Patent Pending).

SenTech's UltraLanyard(TM) is a "one piece" tag lanyard combination that saves time during application and removal. Studies conducted on-site at leading retail chains produced significant store labor time-savings of 50% over the standard tag/tack/lanyard with application and removal.  Associates have more time to spend assisting customers, providing improved service and increasing sales.

The UltraLanyard(TM) tag is compatible with Sensormatic UltraMax(R) systems and may be removed with standard hand or power detachers, so retailers using UltraGator(R) or UltraTags(R) can incorporate the UltraLanyard(TM) immediately into their system without the addition of any new detachers, providing a huge capital cost savings.

Its innovative design incorporates a high security black plastic lanyard that allows adjustable diameter from 1/2" to 2.5". It may be attached to items that have handles such as tools, sporting goods, luggage and handbags.

SenTech specializes in development of custom solutions for your open merchandising and theft issues - contact us today to help with your challenges.

Since 1990, SenTech EAS Corporation has provided retailers and security integrators a full line of merchandising and anti-shoplifting products including anti-theft tags, DVD security boxes and EAS Systems.
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