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POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- SenTech EAS Corporation, a leading manufacturer of anti-theft electronic article surveillance (EAS) products, today announced it had joined forces with Lucatron Pacific (S) PTE LTD., a privately held company based in Singapore that manufacturers Radio Frequency (RF) EAS and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels in Japan. Under this agreement, SenTech is now the exclusive distributor of Lucatron RF EAS labels in United States, Canada and Mexico, and will service the existing customer base of Lucatron Americas, Inc. The labels, both deactivatible and non-deactivatible, are compatible with all brands of 8.2MHz and 9.5MHz RF EAS systems.

"SenTech has a 13-year history of providing complete anti-theft solutions to retailers, distributors and integrators. Adding a dependable supply of high-performance low-cost Lucatron RF labels will allow us to further meet our customers' needs with a viable cost-saving alternative," said Richard J. Spagna, President & CEO of SenTech.

"Lucatron RF labels are already utilized by many top retailers and integrators worldwide, and are now available in North America only through SenTech EAS Corporation," said Egon Steinegger, Managing Director of Lucatron. "Our labels' unique capabilities include high active percentage on each roll, efficient deactivation and multiple roll formats from 500 to 30,000, to meet the needs of our retailer and integrator users."

The long-term agreement between SenTech and Lucatron provides the highest quality products, supported by a global team of experienced EAS professionals.

For label ordering please contact SenTech EAS Corporation at 800-331-4675

or 954-426-2965 ext. 20.  Send email requests to RFlabels@sentecheas.com  or purchase online using our e-commerce site at www.sentecheas.com.

SenTech, supplying thousands of retail chains and distributors worldwide since 1990, distributes disposable security labels for source tagging and manufactures a full line of new anti-shoplifting products including anti-theft tags, DVD security boxes and EAS Systems.


SenTech EAS Corporation

David Vanderpol, 954-426-2965 ext. 20 



About Lucatron Pacific (S) PTE LTD.          

Lucatron, a Singapore company with production facilities in Japan and offices in Switzerland, manufacturers Radio Frequency EAS and RFID security labels and EAS Systems for use in retail stores, libraries, office buildings and industrial facilities.